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B with make up He found this utterly hilarious and the boobadoodle concept was born This book is a fantastically uirky collection of fun wacky intimate doodles for every occasion Readers will be inspired to introduce some creative silliness into the bedroom and have fun with make up Animals c.

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The breast gift everboobadoodle verb to scribble absent mindedly on a boobnoun a delightful and amusing work of boob art created with make upLast year Rosy Sherry's boyfriend found out he was at risk of being laid off so in an effort to cheer him up she hit on the idea of doodling on her boo.

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Artoon characters celebrities the possibilities are endless You'll always get your partner's attention with a boobadoodleNB There is a strap line on the cover of the book that reads 'How to jazz up your boobs' but it does not appear on the title page of the book so this is catalogued accordingl.

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    I never thought I would be reading and viewing a book on boob art but I saw this on a bargain shelf and thought it would be at least interesting and it was I could even call it titillatingI admire Rosy Sherry for decorating her boobs and then displaying them for all and sundry to see and I admire her even for persuading

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    Highly amusing Don't know how I'd go actually doing any of these on my own boobs and I appreciate the skill it would take