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L she once was And then mysteriously the ueen disappears and another girl finds the mirror This girl has troubles of her own but she is also a means to escape and soon the girl and th. SUMMARYWhen Mira is apprenticed to a witch the witch s apprentice adopts her as a sister Too late Mira learns that she should not trust her new sister when she changes Mira into a magic mirror Mira s sister becomes the wicked ueen of Snow White fame while Mira once her usefulness has worn out is abandoned The end of the Snow White tale is barely the first act of Mira s enchanting story When Ivana a peasant girl running away from her cruel father stumbles upon Mira Mira sees a chance to possibly restore her original form Mira manipulates Ivana into becoming best friends with a wealthy merchant s daughter na

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Two sisters One a witch and a ueen The other transformed by her sister's touch into a mirror a mirror with voice and memory and magic but no power to transform herself back to the gir. You know the mirror from the Snow White fairy tale Or do you One hundred years later she is still hanging on that wall This is her uest to be human again In the world of Mira Mirror a witch s magic was taken from death and right from the start the reader has to uestion whether it s good or evil to even practice magic However I found the morality of this story hazy at best And the relationships between sisters wastoxic in the worst of times and dysfunctional in the good situations Definitely seemed to support the idea that at least one of the sisters in a family is competitive and constantly trying to sho

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E mirror are on their way to find the magic that will bring both pain and hope to both of them Mette Harrison's mesmerizing voice spins a breathtaking tale of love lies and redemption.

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    I LOVE books that are twisted fairy tales They always seem to be my favoriteThis book is a parody of Snow White except it's all about the mirror Turns out she's a person turned into a mirror by the evil witchI don't know what it is about me but I always want people to be good or at least know what they want Whenever I'm reading a bo

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    You know the mirror from the Snow White fairy tale Or do you? One hundred years later she is still hanging on that wall This is her u

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    A very interesting premise and expertly written story However I just didn't fall in love with it of the characters and felt like I was just reading a fairy tale complete with the homily endingSetting Typical medieval but without the fancy descriptions Seems to be her style I actually don't have a problem with thi

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    SUMMARYWhen Mira is apprenticed to a witch the witch's apprentice adopts her as a sister Too late Mira learns tha

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    This sounds like a great book a reimagining of Snow White and the mirror mirror on the wall business but it goes horribly wrong Mira is a witch’s apprentice trapped in a mirror by her “sister” apprentice and used to give her sister power by magically enhancing her beauty After a hundred years of this she is found by a peasa

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    I was intrigued that the main character of this fairy tale was the magic mirror from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves How did the animating personality get inside the mirror? What happened to herthe mirror when the wicked ueen didn't succeed in killing Snow White with the poison apple? Can she escape her imprisonment in the mirror? And how can a main character be a mirror with no way to get around or control her movements and nothing but

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    I loved this book To put it neatly it was AMAZING I haven't been a huge fan of fairy tale retellings as of late but this was truly

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    Mira Mirror tells the story of what happened to the wicked ueen's magic mirror after Snow White's fairy tale ended Mira the beautiful ueen's sister was trapped in the mirror in order to make the ueen beautiful After Snow White defeated her stepmother however Mira was left alone on the wall in her hiding place

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    I considered giving 5 stars but I found some of the ending to be a bit disapointing The rest of the story however was great Ever wonder how that guyperson in the mirror in snowwhite got there? Or who it was? Or why they were there? Yeah me neither lol Ok I did a little Luckily we get through the whole Snow white bit in the prologue and have an entirely original I think and captivating story Unlike my lil review here lol I can see how the

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    Most of the book was just boring but the ending was spectacularly awful AWFUL I hate it when I sludge through a book that