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Zoes G. I have found Zoe s Ghana Kitchen to be the most engaging cookbook I have read and now used in a decades It s full of great Ghanian recipes every possible course with some western influences appetizing photos and Zoe s story just wonderfulIt is a thorough guide to modern Ghanian cooking including sourcing recommendations substitutes alternatives I couldn t recommend Zoe s Ghana Kitchen highly Join the African food revolutiionCan t wait for cookbooks from the mighty Zoe

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Itchen. This is a gorgeous bookThe hardback cover is textured and thoughtfully designed as are the pages denoting a new section where there are different kente designs The author has included brief anecdotes retelling her experiences when she visited Ghana to research for the book It is beautifully constructed with enticing photography and holistic information such as a musical playlist and nationwide stockists The recipies have an eclectic twist but maintain a genuine authenticity I was smiling the entire time I flicked though the pages So many little helpful notes about the region and culture along with information on the dishesThe author should be commended because I never actually read cookery books but I read this one from cover to beautiful cover literally settled down with a cup of teaI will be trying out many recipes and expect to refer to this book often I loved the big fat Ghanaian breakfasts So funnyMoney well spent In fact this would make a great gift

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Hana K. Tasty adventure

13 thoughts on “ Zoe's Ghana Kitchen

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    My husband is from Ghana and he and I agree, that this is the best Ghanaian cookbook we've found. There are many beautifully colored images and a great variety of commonly enjoyed foods!

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    I have found Zoe's Ghana Kitchen to be the most engaging cookbook I have read, and now used, in a decades. It's fu

  3. says:

    WAY too spicy for my hubby, but I'm enjoying the heat surprisingly as I've never gotten into hot peppers very much. The recipes are

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    Over the last couple of years I’ve been exploring western African dishes and the impact it has in other food cultures. I highlight this in my eatwith dinner parties.

    This book right here is my next semester of culinary stu

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    It feels like Zoe is talking right to you as she leads you through snippets of Ghanaian culture and also through

  6. says:

    Tasty adventure

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    I will be cooking a varity of these meals. The recipes are eary to follow. The display of the foods are very inviting. I am sure my grandson will enjoy helping me make some of these masterpieces

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    I love this book. In fact, i ordered two. It is beautifully written, easy to use, and very interesting.

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    This is a gorgeous book.

    The hardback cover is textured and thoughtfully designed, as are the pages denoting a new section w

  10. says:

    as a Ghanaian myself I was curious about this book and its authenticity, so bought and sent it to a very discerni

  11. says:

    This is such a fantastic book, from the delicious recipes to the beautiful story of the author finding her way through culinary travels to the land of her father, it was an absolute treat. Its so informative with the descri

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    My Mum is Ghanain and I bought this for her birthday after seeing Zoe on Sunday Brunch.

    Whilst recognising or being familiar with some of the recipes, it’s safe to say this is much than s cook book and my Mum has truly enjoy

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    Loveeee this book so much. I’m Ghanaian and my Welsh husband has used it to cook food so authentic and exquisite that visiting Ghanaian family thought he ordered it from a Ghana restaurant! Have bought several co

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