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And barbeue The couple has been together for four years and Leah is convinced that Ollie is finally going to pop the uestion And Leah can’t wait to share the joyous news with her best friend June Kang who is joining them on their getaway and whose presence will make everything feel real Seven years later the moment June has been dreading has finally arrived Her fiancé Ollie is taking her to his family’s lake house But this is not an ordinary visit to an o. This book is about loss deep friendships and love While it does have a touch of mystery that is not the main focus here The plot one night on Lake Seneca NY Leah Tessaro dies by falling off a boat into the lake Leah s death shatters them all Her boyfriend at the time Ollie is now her best friend June Kang s fianc June Ollie are passionately in love but also haunted by guilt June contantly wonders what would have happened if had Leah not fallen Would Leah be married to Ollie nowAnd she wonders how Leah actually fell off the boateveryone knows but herbut no one talks about itEnjoyed the characters pace in this well written novel although I did think June s treatment of her future MIL was rude at times Oddly my local library has this book filed under mysteries for those looking for a mystery to read this book is definitely not a traditional mysterysuspenseand shouldn t be filed as suchit s a chicklit relationship drama I also picked it up thinking that it was a mystery the storyline surprised me but I enjoy reading women s fiction as well and I really enjoyed this book even though it wasn t what I initially expected Haven t read any books by Bethany Chase before but now I m going to seek out others by herAnd as a final note I just loved the setting of this story it really is another character in the story I spent a week at Lake Seneca Watkins Glen just recently June of this year the author captures the region perfectly Can t wait to go back again next summerCheers

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Rdinary place; it is a house haunted by June’s long buried memories of her lost friend Leah and the connection that appears to remain between Leah and the man for whom June’s love is as deep as her sense of forebodingAlternating between the two women’s vibrant voices One Night at the Lake is a gripping novel that explores a complex tangle of friendship loyalty and betrayal all driving toward one uestion What exactly happened to Leah on that hot summer nig. I ve been a fan of Bethany since her debut Her writing is captivating She always draws me deep into her stories and she s an expert at crafting characters that come to life for her readers They re real facing very current and complex situations I loved ONE NIGHT AT THE LAKE and think it s her best yet with an atmospheric setting and relatable characters with a gradual suspense masterfully woven into the plot that culminates to one night at the lake A perfect book for summer

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A tragedy on a hot summer night at a lake house forever alters the lives of two best friends and the man they both love But the truth isn’t as simple as it appears in this intricate novel of love friendship betrayal and forgiveness in the tradition of Miranda Beverly Whitte’s BittersweetLeah Tessaro has been waiting for this moment for a long time Her boyfriend Ollie is taking her to his family’s home on Seneca Lake for a week of lazy summer bliss boating. This is a women s fiction novel with romantic elements and some mystery The book is told from the alternating points of view of two women who became best friends when they were twelve When Leah tells her part of the story it is seven years earlier before she died We know it happened at the lake where her boyfriend s parents had a place but we don t know the exact circumstances of how she died When June tells her story she s now engaged to Ollie the man Leah thought she was going to marry before her untimely deathThe writing is strong The only thing that wasn t great about this is that when I put the book down in the middle of the chapter when I came back to it it took a while to figure out if I was reading from Leah s POV or from June s Both narrators were first person and their voices weren t distinct so I had to wait to read how they referenced the other one to figure out whose perspective I was in Thanks to NetGalley and Ballantine Books for the opportunity to review this book which RELEASES JUNE 18 2019For reviews please visit

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    One Night at the Lake by Bethany Chase is a mystery that involves the death of a girl while on vacation at their lake house seven years before The story alternates between the voice of Leah from the past leading to her death and June Leah’s best friend living with the memory of losing her friendSeven years earlier Leah June and Leah’s boyfriend Ollie had all been good friends so when June needs some chee

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    This was my first read by Bethany Chase and can see why she has so many fans What happens when two best friends fall in love with the same man a

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    This is a women’s fiction novel

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    This book brought back fond memories of young love young life close friendships Overall the tone of this book was carefree fresh and lively and it was a pleasure to read There is a main tragedy however and subseuent tragedies that blossom out from that one particular event This tragedy has resounding effects This story is mostly centered about a summer get together at Ollie’s family lake house Pack up the ca

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    I received a copy of this title via NetGalley It does not impact my reviewWell this book was not for me A small part of it might be that I have been in the mood lately for mystery and suspense I knew this was not that type of book but I feel like the synopsis suggests there is at least a hint of a mystery and there really wasn’t It was of a character driven story about love and guilt and I found it repetitive and pretty boringI really h

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    This book is about loss deep friendships and love While it does have a touch of mystery that is not the main focus here The plot one night on Lake Seneca NY Leah Tessaro dies by falling off a boat into the lake L

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    I’ve been a fan of Bethany since her debut Her writing is captivating She always draws me deep into her stories and she’s an ex

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    35 stars for Bethany Chase’s One Night at the Lake Having read and enjoyed The One That Got Away by Chase a few years back which I would said falls most solidly into the women’s fiction category I was a bit surprised to see this one being billed as of a thriller But then again authors change genres so I went in with an open mind being a fan of both genres I braced myself for either outcome I will say des

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    25 StarsThe beginning was excellent great spirited characters and clever fun writing And thenfizzzzzzzzle Ugh Read The One That Got Away to see what this author is really capable of

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    When Leah Tessaro heads to Seneca Lake in Western New York with her boyfriend Ollie for the 4th of July she's hoping he will propose They've been together for four years and she's madly in love Leah's best friend June Kang j