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F one of these wolves O Six a charismatic alpha female named for the year of her birth Uncommonly powerful with gray fur and faint black ovals around each eye O Six is a kind and merciful leader a fiercely intelligent fighter and a doting mother She is beloved by wolf watchers particularly renowned naturalist Rick McIntyre and becomes something of a social media star with followers around the worldBut as she raises her pups and protects her pack O Six is challenged on all fronts by hunters who compete with wo. Wolf 0 06Spoiler in Italic He decided he wanted the gray He exhaled and sueezed the triggerThe gray staggered and droppedIt was a long walk through the snow to where she layThis was a trophy very few people in his part of the would had ever takenWhen he came within fifty yards of his prize he caught a glimpse of movement in the brush behind her The black wolf had returned His eyes on the hunter he stepped cautiously out of the willows and sat down not far from where the gray layHe seemed to be waiting to see what the hunter would do nextThen the black lifted his snout into the air and howled It was the sound the hunter had heard many times over the years but never like this alone in the snow with the wolf a stone s throw away He stood still and listened transfixed The wolf howled again long and louder this timeFrom the willows behind the black wolves began to emergeThey arrayed themselves in a loose semicircle around the black all silently focused on the body of the grayThe black howled a third time and suddenly they all joined in The hunter stood there agape disarmed by the otherworldly sound by the sheer overwhelming sadness of the cry She was their leader he thought This book was powerful and unforgettable If you think that you can t stop the killing of wolves well you are wrong Public outcry has worked It still canIf you think that wolves can t live peacefully with man you are again wrong Some are learning to stay away from ranches but there is that can be done mostly outcry Rick McIntyre worked for over 20 years at Yellowstone just watching wolves all day long along with other watchers who could be seen parked along the roads with telescopes and cameras My husband and I were driving through Yellowstone one day and stopped when we saw cars and pickups parked along the roadI walked across the street to ask what was happening A man told me that an elk was down and a bear and 5 wolves were fighting over it but that the wolves had retreated He allowed me to look through his binoculars I saw nothing He walked over to another man and then came back and took me over to look through another man s telescope I saw a white wolf Then a black wolf was sitting down looking at the crowd The man moved the telescope so that I could see the bear standing over the elk I think I said Oh my God I would have never had thought that I would even have wanted to see something like this Me who wishes no animals to be ever killed But I wanted to stay there all day with them and wished I had come earlier Rick never grew tired of it He watched them play fight have cubs go after their prey He watched everything and he took notes but he never stayed away long enough to write a book Perhaps these are his notes or at least some of themThis book is mostly about his watching 0 06 the most famous of all the Yellowstone wolves The fight between Fish and Game the ranchers and the public has raged for years in and out of the courts This is not an easy book to read If you are a rancher you just want to kill every wolf and I suppose this book would infuriate you If you love wolves you will be brought to tears and then to anger You will even ask yourself why the Department of Agriculture thinks it has to kill ten of thousands of predators annually mostly coyotes but also bobcats mountain lions black bears foxes and red tailed hawks just to protect the cattle and sheep Have we ever thought to live differently To allow life to survive on its own termsThe wolves impact on cattle has only been about 200 a year whereas out of 5 million cattle across three States tens of thousands have been killed every year by winter storms lightning floods and drought The wolves do so much less damage but some people like to hunt and then in time they can wipe out wolves if we don t put a stop to itI had read another book right after coming home from our trip through Yellowstone In the Temple of Wolves by Rick Lamplugh He has suggestions online on what we can do to change things He has a blog called How to Build a Culture that Respects Wolves I want to thank NetGalley for allowing me to read and review this book And I wish to thank the author for writing it and hope that if he doesn t put a wolf on the cover then perhaps he will put a photo of the famous wolf 0 06 in the inside coverNote I wish to add this article by another wolf lover who has written books as wellWolves and Coyotes Need Not Die So We Can Eat Meatby Rick Lamplugh wildlife advocate authorMy previous post We Have More to Fear from Livestock than from Wolves evoked many comments The post s premise While ranchers claim that wolves threaten their existence and should be eradicated the livestock production that ranchers make a living off of is killing the ecosystem that sustains the rest of usMany readers commented that they had already stopped eating beef or sheep Some readers wrote that they are vegetarians or vegans Still others wondered how they could continue to enjoy meat without supporting an industry that unnecessarily kills wolves coyotes and other predatorsRanchers can keep livestock and predators separate and alive Some choose to do so and become what is called predator friendly Here s how being predator friendly works for Becky Weed and Dave Tyler in Belgrade Montana On the website of their Thirteen Mile Lamb Wool Company they write Our principal protection against native predators are our guard dogs and llamas and our own vigilance because we have chosen not to use lethal control methods against coyotes bears wolves mountain lions our ranch is certified as predator friendly Ranchers earn Predator Friendly certification An annual audit must find that the producer maintains and enhances wildlife habitat employs a mix of nonlethal methods and uickly modifies management practices when conditions changeThere is no one size fits all solution to living with predators but here are some of the nonlethal methods Predator Friendly producers employ Using guard animals such as llamas donkeys and dogs Scheduling pasture use when predation pressure is low Grazing cattle with smaller livestock to protect sheep goats and calves Timing calving and lambing to avoid predation risk Lambing in sheds secure fenced lots or protected pastures Making freuent and unpredictable patrols in pastures Protecting vulnerable animals by fencing out predators Learning the ecology and habits of area wildlifeThe Animal Welfare Institute states that the Predator Friendly program encourages livestock producers like Weed and Tyler to protect some of the most important habitat and species in the United States while opening up a new market for their sustainable ranchWe can support ranchers that choose coexisting over killing by purchasing their Predator Friendly products Products sold from the Predator Friendly website include beef bison goat lamb turkey eggs and honey as well as sheep and cattle breeding stock To check out the Predator Friendly website learn about ways that ranchers can keep livestock and wolves separate and alive check out Livestock and Wolves the guide from Defenders of Wildlife The principal author is Suzanne Asha Stone Contributors include Carter Niemeyer Linda Thurston and others Here s the link Lamplugh writes to protect wildlife and preserve wildlands He lives near Yellowstone s north gate and has just finished his new book Deep into Yellowstone A Year s Immersion in Grandeur and Controversy He is the author of the bestseller In the Temple of Wolves Available as eBook or paperback at Or as a signed copy from Rick at

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American Wolf

ASIN moved from this editionThe enthralling story of the rise and reign of O Six the celebrated Yellowstone wolf and the people who loved or feared her Before humans ruled the earth there were wolves Once abundant in North America these majestic creatures were hunted to near extinction in the lower 48 states by the 1920s But in recent decades conservationists have brought wolves back to the Rockies igniting a battle over the very soul of the WestWith novelistic detail Nate Blakeslee tells the gripping story o. this is my nonfiction book for the month chosen because i like wolves but sean of the house LOVES wolves and i was going to give this to him when i finished but i m afraid it would break his sensitive irish heartaccording to this book wolves have a life expectancy of about five years in the wild and this book chronicles several generations of wolves living in yellowstone so you do the math there this book was pulled together from the well detailed accounts of the wolf watchers in yellowstone individuals who devoted their lives to observing these magnificent beasts every day coming to know their behaviors and personalities monitoring their struggles for dominance within their packs their clashes with other packs and witnessing births and deaths in an ever changing pack dynamicas i said i like wolves but in a casual oh how lovely they are way without being any kind of wolf scholar or anything so i learned a lot from this book i didn t know that wolves had been eliminated from yellowstone and most of the US in the 20 s in order to protect the park s delicious elk deer moose etc and were only reintroduced in 1995 when wolves imported from canada were allowed to return to an ecosystem that had actually been negatively impacted by their removal in the first place what followed was a wolf explosion that did indeed restore the natural balance but also caused outrage in the local humans as idaho montana and wyoming are full of hunters and ranchers long accustomed to viewing wolves as a threat to their livelihood so not only is the book full of the stories of the wolves under the park s protection but also about the inevitable wolf diaspora as packs ranged outside of safety and caused no end of consternation and legislature about what should be done to protect the elk and cattle that humans were planning on killing it s Planet Earth meets Law Order and both situations are fascinating in their own way on the wolf side the star of the book is the alpha female O Six named for the year of her birth who made herself a favorite of yellowstone s many wolf watching groupies by demonstrating phenomenal abilities in hunting prowess strategic evasion admirable leadership ualities and fecundity if you google O Six and yellowstone you get the cliffs notes version of what happened to her but you d miss out on all the stories told in this book about her and her pack and her rivals this is a nature book so there s no shoddy anthropomorphization but it s hard not to fall in love a little bit internet assures me the following are all photos of her and can be found herea superstar of a wolfthe legal track is absolutely bizarre convoluted and counterintuitive it involves the authorization of wolf hunting in the three states surrounding yellowstone idaho montana and wyoming and it turns into a mishmash of state and federal legislature sneaky riders smooshed into unrelated bills science vs politics rulings overturned wolves placed on and off the endangered species list with shifting boundaries and flinging money at the problem in such contradictory ways one federal agency was reintroducing predators on public land a second was leasing adjacent land to ranchers and a third was dispatching trappers or men in helicopters to kill those same predators when they inevitably crossed paths with livestock america is crazytown it kind of hurts my heart a little to think of someone hunting a wolf since there s no feeding my family exemption and it s purely for sport or the protection of livestock which i do understand but cattle are big and dumb and delicious and it s not just wolves who get that there are also bears and coyotes and probably some other beasts determined enough to attack a little one but i will say that of all the wolves who died in this book at least the ones shot by hunters died instantly as opposed to the many who died of injuries sustained in territory disputes with other packs or starved to deathactually scratch that there was one wolf who was illegally shot by a hunter and wandered off to die slowly and his story was the one that hit my heart the worst because he was a collared wolf so his location was known to the biologists working on the wolf restoration project but because they weren t zookeepers after all and didn t intervene in the fates of the wolves he slowly starved to death over the course of eleven days again this is a decision i understand with my brain but it does nothing to soothe my heart it s like that scene in that BBC Africa documentary series where the baby elephant gets turned around in the sand storm and wanders in the opposite direction from the rest of the herd and dies and sir david attenborough just kinda shrugs and says nature amiright instead of swooping in to rotate the calf or at the very least not airing that footage because jeezbut i know i know when it comes to reading aboutwatching animals in the wild it would be irresponsible to go into it thinking it s going to be a disney paradise where animals help each other out and share the territory and no one ever eats anyone or wanders out into the storm bawling piteously nature gets hungry and nature doesn t sharesure sometimes someone forwards you some heartwarming story about a bear that adopts an orphaned raccoon and everyone goes aawwwwww but generally speaking in an environment with limited resources benevolence to those outside of a very short range of community or family is a liability an animal cannot afford wolves are pack animals so loyalties extend somewhat outside of the pure family but even within a pack members submit to their alphas in freuent demonstrative ways and wolves are also highly territorial so when packs cross paths carnage ensues so there are some parts of this book i know will ruin sean of the houses s day but he s a particularly soft touch when it comes to animals and if i could get him over that i m sure he would find this as fascinating and illuminating as i did and be grateful that there are wolves in our country even if they don t get to live as long as we d like them to this is one of my few gripes because they aren t pets the wolves aren t given memorable people names but referred to by collar numbers 754 820 859 or if uncollared distinguishing markings or traits middle gray shy male i am bad at math so i got mixed up sometimes that is what my heart heard him say anywayfull review still in the works but definitely one for to read lists of those who can handle the end results of animals doing what animals do and hunters doing what hunters docome to my blog

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Lves for the elk they both prize; by cattle ranchers who are losing livestock and have the ear of politicians; and by other Yellowstone wolves who are vying for control of the park’s stunningly beautiful Lamar ValleyThese forces collide in American Wolf a riveting multi generational saga of hardship and triumph that tells a larger story about the ongoing cultural clash in the West between those fighting for a vanishing way of life and those committed to restoring one of the country’s most iconic landscape. The central focus of this book is the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone Park and thus the Northern Rockies By the 1920s wolves had for the most part become extinct in the lower 48 states of the US In 1995 Canadian wolves were brought into Yellowstone Park The book follows this reintroduction from the mid 90s to 2015The conflict between conservationists ecologists and environmentalists on one side and hunters ranchers and miners on the other is the primary focus of this book The book is less about the species canis lupis Nor is this a book of nature writing It is about politics and money and competing interests in relation to wolves Much attention is given to Obama s efforts to reach a federal budgetary agreement in 2011 and Senator Jon Tester s rider that reversed US District Judge Donald Molloy s court ruling classifying wolves as one of the endangered species The book flips between court proceedings and political discussions and sections about the wolf packs in the Lamar Valley of Yellowstone Park Wyoming The author himself mentions that to attract readers there has to be a heartfelt tie to some wolf and that names work better than numbersWe hear a bit about Limpy but primarily we follow 0 Six an alpha female named for the year of her birth and granddaughter of wolves 21 and 42 who were the stars of those wolves originally brought in from Canada We follow O Six her mate his brother and three litters I will admit that by the book s end I had indeed become attached to her Of course I was rooting for those who supported the need to keep wolves protected by the Endangered Species Act ESAThis is a book of non fiction but one person goes by the alias Steven Turnbull His name is changed to protect him Yeah he is the bad guy The book concludes with an epilog The author relates of his meeting with man No he still does not regret what he has done I do think the author makes an attempt to be nonjudgmental to express the views of opposing camps in a fair and balanced manner but it is not hard to guess on which side he standsI was looking for a book focused on new research about wolves That they have cognitive abilities and emotions is shown The book sheds light on the dissolution and formation of wolf packs and the status of members within However I cannot say I learned anything new about wolves The phenomenon of trophic cascade is mentioned Classic wolf literature is referencedInformation is too often repeated Why are we told of the rangers vehicle brands the clothes they wore and the euipment used To me this sounded like advertising The audiobook is narrated by Mark Bramhall He does a fine job The information is easy to follow My only uibble would be that when things go bad he sounds sour and whiny but in a masculine way The narration I have given four stars I do not regret reading this book but it was not uite what I was looking for I would have preferred less politics and about wolves

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    There was a time when millions of us roamed the continent We fed when there was need We played in forests and open places Our kind lived well from the warm woodlands of the south to the frosty forests of the north and in the gentler landscapes between We raised our pups in cozy dens and raised our voices at nigh

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    this is my nonfiction book for the month chosen because i like wolves but sean of the house LOVES wolves and i was going to give this to him when i finished but i'm afraid it would break his sensitive irish heartaccording to this book wolves have a life expectancy of about five years in the wild and this book ch

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    35 starsI've always been a wolf fan They are majestic animals and not just because I love reading the porny books featuring wolf shifters Back in the day my now ex husband and I heard about a man that bred hybrid wolves We were interested and that's way before any legal aspects were really talked about I knowI'm old as crapWe visited the man and we immediately fell in love with one of the pups He was a shy little guy but the owner would

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    35 Yellowstone and the wolf reclamation project two main characters McIntyre and one a wolf named O six The struggles with the ranch

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    Wolf 0 06Spoiler in Italic “He decided he wanted the gray He exhaled and sueezed the triggerThe gray staggered and droppedIt was a long walk through the snow to where she layThis was a trophy very few people in his part of the would had ever takenWhen he came within fifty yards of his prize he caught a glimpse of movement in the brush behind her The black wolf had returned His eyes on the hunter he stepped cautiously out of the willows an

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    I was pleasantly surprised by this book It's an incredibly well told story about a pack of wolves particularly focused on the alpha female in Yellowstone National Park But it's also so much than that It's about people who are passionate about something about fighting for what you love about educating others and how all three of these things combine to really make a difference in the world And even if that difference s

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    “Rick’s dream though he seldom described it as such was to someday tell a story so good that the people who heard it simply wouldn’t wan

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    I have an undying love for Yellowstone National Park I visited it 36 years ago 1984 My memories of what I saw and experienced are stil

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    The central focus of this book is the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone Park and thus the Northern Rockies By the 1920s wolves had for the most part become extinct in the lower 48 states of the US In 199

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    Have you ever been to Yellowstone? Did you spot a wolf there? This is the fascinating story of the Yellowstone Wolf Project and most especially the life story of O Six the great granddaughter of one of the original wolves r

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