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The Master Will Appear

Ns and their bond strengthens though Ryan retreats because that sham called love left him jaded long ago Cynical beyond his years he’s not letting his guard down least of all for a thrice divorced man twice his ageNow Misha has to find a way to crack through those defensesor accept defeat and walk away from the submissive who might just be the love of his lif. 35 Stars

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A mentor and show him how to fence Startled by the moment of humility Misha agreesWhat begins as fencing lessons becomes something much hotter and before they know it Misha is giving Ryan an entirely different kind of education Dominance submission pain pleasure at the hands of an older experienced man a whole new world is opening up for RyanAs the trust deepe. 35 starsThis went off to a flying start I loved the scenario and the bristling animosity between Ryan and Misha in the first third of the bookI was uite excited to see how Misha s BDSM lessons with Ryan would develop And it was absolutely great to start with Ryan s introduction to submissive behaviour in the bedroom and the way he reacts to what Misha does was a very enticing readBut then the same things happens again and again As for the BDSM it never goes past spanking and flogging which in essence is fine if this is what a couple decide to do but we were somehow given the impression that Misha or should I say Mikhail is a master of the trade and the plentiful toys in his closet suggested he is very well versed in using them If he is we didn t get to see thatEvery scene between them felt like a copy of the previous one or less Misha is happy enough with flogging and Ryan has a talent to sink into subspace at the drop of a hat There is a passing mention of a cock cage but that about covers itDon t get me wrong the scenes between the two men are hot I just had expectations of a bigger variety and a development in what they do together and yes ok Misha does use different floggersI hate to say it but after the fabulous start I felt disappointed The dynamics in this Ds relationship feel slightly wrong I think it simply doesn t feel genuine enough maybe It s always Misha supporting Ryan helping him making him feel better I actually have to agree with Ryan that their relationship comes across as one sided I would have loved to see Ryan in at least one situation in which he takes care of Misha and I mean emotionally and not sexuallyI did enjoy the book as a whole but feel that not enough was made of the BDSM and the problems caused by Ryan s horrendous family

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Dr Mikhail “Misha” Budnikov takes one look at fellow fencer Ryan O’Connor and instantly knows his type The undisciplined hothead is all ego with no finesse and even less control In short Misha’s pet peeves personified To put the arrogant kid in check Misha challenges him to a sparring match which he predictably winsNot so predictably Ryan asks him to be. First I d like to begin by saying there hasn t been a LA Witt book that I ve really liked Yes I ve enjoyed a few and there s been a few others that have brought out my rage but with this story I m in love with almost everything The Story 45 Pants OffWhen Mikhail Misha Budnikov sets his eyes on a young fencer he can already see his arrogance and he would take great pleasure in downing his ego Mikhail doesn t take students on but when Mr arrogance asks to be trained Mikhail already has enough attraction to know he can t the deny boy anything No one is surprised than he is but when it comes to Ryan he can see something deep inside of the boy not including that Ryan is sexy as hellWhen Ryan turns out to be an apt pupil Mikhail feels accomplished because he hasn t let his attraction get in the way of their practices until Ryan drops a bomb Yeh sure he s his fencing instructor and there s a rule that you don t shit where you eat but Ryan wants him and now Mikhail gets to teach him how to fuck Fencing and Fucking the greater things in lifeMisha and Ryan begin a sensual push and pull of epic proportions where Misha introduces Ryan to his submissive side and two come together like fish to water You see their romance blossom and it becomes clear they are perfect together but Ryan has lived such a life without love and care and Misha offers him that without judgement and so it creates conflict because for him no one gives unconditionally without wanting something in returnAnd with two men on different ends of the spectrum when it comes to love of course one falls so deeply in love and the other doesn t even recognize itThings I liked I love Misha he s all sexy Russian and a Dom and I really enjoyed him The men get down to some dirty dirty love and every time it was just so sexy and entertaining Loved it I just find the overall story very good The older manyounger guy trope never gets old and this was just an adorableThings I didn t like Ryan s family I am so over them I wish they would have gotten the cuss out so bad but Ms Witt didn t uite give me that gratification That moment where Ryan was a complete asshole and the way Misha just forgives him How you gon get mad at a person for giving you what you asked for and then use it against him I shouldn t have been surprised something in a LA Witt book always pisses me off beyond compare and how they always just forgive easily In a perfect world forgiveness would come easily but when you say horrible things its really hard to move on from that so hey fuck you Ryan Overall this might be my first LA Witt story that I thoroughly enjoyed The good far outweighs the bad and because it was on audio that might have helped it alongThe Narration 5 Pants OffMichael Ferraiuolo is just amazing He brought the characters to life and his accent for Misha was just top notch I have nothing bad to say about his work He made a story that is goodish and I say that based on my experience with LA s books freaking exceptional An amazing talent and everyone should have a listen Michael Ferraiuolo the GOAT Greatest of All Time

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LA Witt and her husband have been exiled from Spain and sent to live in Maine because rhymes are fun She now divides her time between writing assuring people she is aware that Maine is cold wondering where to put her next tattoo and trying to reason with a surly Maine coon Rumor has it her arch nemesis Lauren Gallagher is also somewhere in the wilds of New England which is why LA is al

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    35 HeartsConfession I did something with this review that I've never done since I began reviewing I sat on it I sat on it for SIX DAYS Yeah I'm not a procrastinator when it comes to reviewing Everything else is fair game My rationale was I wanted to see what I remembered see if my feels changed at all with time They didn't I'm still

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    First I’d like to begin by saying there hasn’t been a LA Witt book that I’ve really liked Yes I’ve enjoyed a few and there’s been a few others that have brought out my rage but with this story I’m in lo

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    5 stars Best BDSM MM story I've read so far AGE GAP Yumm This is my first book by LA Witt and what a discovery it was Mikhail Budnikov Misha is unexpectedly attracted to a young fencer Ryan who tries to win a sparring match with arrogance and force Misha wants to give him a lesson and after winning without much

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    35 starsThis went off to a flying start I loved the scenario and the bristling ‘animosity’ between Ryan and Misha in the first third of the bookI was uite excited to see how Misha’s BDSM lessons with Ryan would develop And it was absolut

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    This delicious MaySeptember hate to love story has all the good stuff Well crafted flawed but loveable characters who spark with each other right from the start The sexual tension that finally explodes into some of

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    I really liked the audiobookReally the best way for a re readRe read June 2019 “You taught me how to be loved

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    I am not a big BDSM reader and I don't know anything about fencing not did I care much for it so this book was a big gamble on my part Good thing I like to gamble ;Ryan 26 and Misha 45 are both fencers and they meet at  a fence club Ryan has been fencing for about 5 years and he is not being a very good sportsman Misha w

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    35 Stars

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    I give it two stars because I really like this author and because I uite enjoyed the background story about a young man trying to figure out his future and needing to stand up against his family and his fencing coach twenty years older than himBut I struggled a lot to finish this book as it’s too focused on the DomSub relationship for me view spoiler I don’t understand this “subspace” concept the flogging and the

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    Did not want this to end I'm in book hangover territory y'all It's so many things I love in a story; alternating POV age gap hurtcomfort and BDSM done right Mikhail 45 is the kind of Dom I enjoy reading There's no

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