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F the young man proves to have gone back to his old waysBecause family is everythingI can’t come back from what I did I’m not sure I even want toAn ugly childhood left Levi Deming with little to do but dream of a day when he’d be free of his tormenters so he could carve out a simple life for himself preferably somewhere far away from the family who never let him forget he was less than human But one terrible choice at the tender age of 16 changed everythingWracked with guilt for the role he played during a home invasion gone horribly wrong a now 24 year old Levi is trying to piece together a life where he can maybe do a little bit of good even knowing it won’t make up for the lives he helped take and it definitely won’t give back the future he stole from the young man whose agonized screams still haunt him night after night If it wer. I have been all over the place with my ratings for the books in this series I ve had hits and misses But the one thing that has been a constant since reading this series is how addictive it s been Each book has heart breaking characters with heart breaking stories Some than other s This one falls into the category Phoenix has been tasked with the job of keeping eyes on Levi and to report back to Ronan with his every move Levi is one of the men who was there the night his husband Seth was attacked years ago that ended with Seth stabbed and his parents killed Phoenix takes this job seriously because these people are important to him He lost his family in a horrible car accident and had been alone for a while But he s found a new family in what I like to call Sloane s Protectors Brotherhood Nice ring to it right But he s about to lose it all when he comes face to face with the vulnerable and tortured soul that is Levi He s having a hard time believing Levi is the hard criminal he s supposed to be He s confused because what he has been personally witnessing of Levi isn t adding up to who Levi is on paper To make things even complicated Phoenix has caught feelings for the young man To say Levi has had a rough life would be an understatement The poor guy has known nothing but fear and pain everyday of his life Fear of his father brother guys in prison and now this asshole T who have also all brought him pain He is use to being abused and used by everyone he knows Except for Father O The man tries his best to help Levi when he can The only shinning light in Levi s life is his nephew Harry But even being able to have him in his life comes at a cost but one he s willing to pay in order to have the little boy in his life Levi has a lot of demons from his past that he is trying to deal with Some of them leave him in absolute panic so strong that it leaves him literally frozen and causes him to have blackouts I don t want to go into a lot of either of these MC s backgrounds because I feel it always tells too much for the would be reader So I will just say that a lot of what happened and happens broke my heart for both men I loved them together The chemistry was great and so was the times when it got heated Phoenix has definitely become one of my favorites out of the SPB I can t wait to see what is next for this series Happy reading dolls xx


Redemption The Protectors #8

E only about him he’d walk into the nearest police station and happily tell them to lock him up and throw away the keyBut it isn’t just about him anyI expected to find a hardened criminal What I found was something else entirelyWith Ronan’s orders to terminate young Levi if he so much as even jaywalks Phoenix expects an easy job with one clear outcome But when a violent encounter forces Phoenix to interact with Levi he uickly realizes the case might not be as black and white as he thought Instead of finding a criminal with no conscience Phoenix discovers a young man battling impossible odds and near crippling guiltWhen his feelings of disgust and anger begin to fade and turn into something else the would be hitman is forced to make a terrible decision between the family he needs and the young man intent on seeking judgement than redempti. I ve come to the realization that is easier for me to point out what I like and what I don t like about a story when writting a reviews so here it goes Phoenix uickly became one of my favorite MC s in this series at the beginning of the story he is very conflicted by his feelings but he tried really hard to understand Levi which was honestly hard given the small amount of info that he had about him Levi s nephew I found it so comforting that he had a piece of happiness after all the dark things that the poor guy went trough The way Levi s past was handled I could have done with less awfulness in his past but his story and involvement in Seth s nightmare made total sense and his character is a 100% redeemable I liked Seth in this book without him things could have gotten really out of hand and I loved seeing him as a dad he s so precious The epilogue was so sweet honestly it warmed my heart and I m so happy for Phoenix and Levi they deserved everything good that happened in the end for themBad My only issue with Sloane s stories is a bit complicated see she writes about rape and that s fine after reading 18 of her books I am used to it and I like that her broken MC s find happiness in the end BUT I feel like in some books it s a bit over the top in her last Finding book and in this one specially my god I wanted to stop in some pages because even though there weren t any graphic flashbacks just reading Levi s recount of his past is traumatic and I feel like the character s stories can have the same impact with a little less awfulness in their stories sometimes I even have to skip some sexy times because I feel uncomfortable I want the characters to just cuddle because I feel they are not ready for sex But I m not a writer this is just how I personally feel maybe it works for other people ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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My job is to save lives But what if the one that needs saving is the one I was sent to takeAt 33 years old Phoenix Jones once had a stellar military career ahead of him But when tragedy struck his family he walked away from the path he’d chosen to be there for the one who needed him most Except fate is a bitch and when she once again takes Phoenix’s future in the cruelest of ways he must find a new pathWhen a former army buddy introduces him to Ronan Grisham the leader of an underground vigilante group Phoenix knows he’s found a new family and nothing and no one is going to take that from him again So when Ronan asks him to shadow a young man who participated in a brutal crime against Ronan’s husband Seth when he was a child and appears to be targeting him again Phoenix doesn’t even hesitate for a secondEven knowing what he must do i. Well this was another heartbreaking yet beautiful story by one of my favorite mm authors Those of you who are familiar with Sloane Kennedy s books know that she doesn t pull any punches Those of you who haven t read her books beforeare most likely living under a rock and missing out big time I am joking though not about the missing out part but the rock part P If you haven t read her books before please take note of the trigger warning this book deals with some heavy subjectsIt is hard writing a review for this book without any spoilers so I won t go into the storyline too muchLevi and Phoenix both have a heartbreaking past but Levi s especially was horrifying To read what he went through and how he turned out to be as a manyeah he definitely earned my respect Even though life has let him down time and again he still tried to be the best person he could beseeking some kind of redemption for the hurt he has caused others in the past Hurt he couldn t have stopped even if wanted to so badlyPhoenix was the perfect man for Levi Caring comforting patient and lovingI also want to give some extra credit to Seth Without him things may have ended very differentlyThe steamfactor in this one isn t as high as it was in some of the other books which was very understandable considering the subject matters It was very sweet and loving thoughNow I myself can t wait for the next book I have been wanting to know about Vincent ever since he was introduced in the Cain s book and it looks like my wish is being granted in the next Protectors book This review has been posted on Dirty Books Obsession

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    Well this was another heartbreaking yet beautiful story by one of my favorite mm authors Those of you who are familiar with Sloane Kennedy's books know that she doesn't pull any punches Those of you who haven't read her books beforeare most likely living under a rock and missing out big time I am joking though not about the missing out part but the rock part P If you haven't read her books before please take

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    Re read May 2020 This was amazing I was in hurtcomfort paradise with this newest installment of the Protectors seriesPhoenix is working as an underground assassin for Ronan Ronan hires Phoenix to follow one of the men who hurt Ronan's husband Seth 7 years ago when they broke into his home killed his parents and stabbed SethBut 24 year old Levi is not what Phoenix expected For one he volunteers at a soup kitc

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    ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐Ah I floved this one I started last night and inhaled it in one sitting and now after 3 hours sleep I'm dragging Redemption is by far and away the best book in The Protectors series by far This was hurtcomfort at it's best the FEELS gahSK had the pacing spot on slowly peeling away the layers and revealing their histories

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    I have been all over the place with my ratings for the books in this series I've had hits and misses But the one thing that has been a constant since reading this series is how addictive it's been Each book has he

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    45 stars After Retribution this one is my favorite from the “protectors” series by Sloane KennedyI still don’t understand how this author does that but every time she delivers As usual this story is not very long with damaged MCs explosive chemistry between the characters and once again it works wellvery wellSeth was almost

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    Holy smokes I could not put this down Another great Protectors book with this one being terribly brutal and harsh I kept knowing there HAD to be hope I mean how much does one person have to deal with ? Levi was a battered emotionally and physic

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    I've come to the realization that is easier for me to point out what I like and what I don't like about a story when writting a reviews so her

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    375 stars rounding to 4 stars 😭😍 Totally destroyed me stars Heart breaking gut wrenching 💔😢 emotional roller coaster of a story but I still enjoyed it 👍Phoenix one of Ronan's main guys in this vigilante group called The Protectors has a new assignment; he has to eliminate someone from Ronan Seth's past someone who was one of Seth's tormentors The Protectors 2 Salvation The task sounds easy enough but once Phoenix

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    Review is live at Alpha Book Club❥❥´¨¸•´¸•´¨ ¸•¨¸•´ ¸•`ARC provided by Author in exchange for an honest review Reviewed by Jaime from Alpha Book Club

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    Going into Redemption I did not know how I was going to feel about Levi as he was there the night that changed Seth’s life forever and I know how much Seth has suffered after that night until Ronan came back into his life Seth and R