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Lises that whoever is leaving them knows things no one should know Each message brings her closer to believing that only she can prevent a tragic death Until the final note makes her think she's too late. Beautiful just beautiful I loved this book so much The writing style was marvelous I loved the main character So many people told me to read this book and I finally did The plot was different and uniue This is how I found out about this book2 Days Ago I was sitting at my desk in Tec class and I was reading the last book in the Mistborn Trilogy When I was at the most intense scene someone poked me on the shoulder WOAH I screamed I was terrified but I should have known it was my close friend Thanu Sorry I didn t mean to scare you You re so into the book you don t even notice what is happening right in front of youshe said I know it s just SO INTERESTING I said I have this thing I want to show you she said with a huge smile on her face What is it you seem really excited I said Thanu grabs her backpack and pulls out a book She clasped the book and showed me the cover her smile brightened When You Reach Me Show me the summary it looks so different The book is so tiny I said and I grab for the book But before I could reach it my friend moved away Thanu was hugging the book against herself and she looked like she was in the middle of a dream The book is so good man You won t understand until you read it You better read it and finish it by tonight It has time travel and everything So magical so beautiful she exclaimed So I attempted to grab the book again but she moved away Her grip tightened on the book and I stared at the book No man it s just really good I loved it so much I stayed up reading it and I finished at 1200 PM My mom started yelling at me but the book was so good so it was worth it The main character is kinda like you I don t know I can t wait for you to read it she was talking super fast Okay But you have to give me the book first I want to read the summary and see what the hype is about I said Thanu sighs and passes the book over and I grab it before she could change her mind When I was reading the summary I understood why the book was so good I had to read it as soon as I could Soo Whatdya you think she asked It sounds really good I ll read it as soon as I ca I said before I was interrupted TONIGHT she screams When you are finished the book call meBack to my review The book follows a girl named Miranda who is best friends with a boy named Sal One day when Sal and Miranda were walking together Sal gets punched by another boy Ever since that day Sal avoided Miranda and they haven t hung out Later on someone found Miranda s spare key to her apartment But instead of stealing something the person sent Miranda a note The person who was writing the notes knew Miranda s name and mentioned something about saving one from a tragic death But in order for Miranda to do that she had to write a note in reply to the person s note When I was about to read the book I kept thinking that I knew what was going to happen in the end But all my predictions were wrong I was so shocked and when I finished the book I had to sit down and think It was just so unusual and I was so amazed I called my friend and we talked about the book and now I understand why she loved the book The plot was complex and different from the usual stories I read I know you might think I say that to every book but there are so many books out there that are different While other books are so similar to each other It was fast paced and I didn t want to put the book down I wanted to know the ending of the story so I kept reading Now I understand my friend and why she was so excited for me to read this book Although I loved the characters the main point of the story was the plot I like the characters but I am not attached to them I laughed at some of the things that the characters said I don t know why my friend said the main character was kinda like me I felt like we were so different from each other But I liked her anyway I recommend this to anyone who wants to read a fast paced novel Anyone who wants to go an adventure with Miranda and find out the answers to all the uestions

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Miranda's life is starting to unravel Her best friend Sal gets punched by a kid on the street for what seems like no reason and he shuts Miranda out of his life The key that Miranda's mum keeps hidden fo. One of the most impressive things to me about middle grade literature is how much power their books can punch with so little pages It still astounds me As older people I guess we tend to over explain and over analyze Thank goodness there are authors that can still capture the feel of being a kid growing up and how simultaneously painful and wonderful it can beMiranda is a sixth grader who lives in New York City Her life seems pretty normal She has a best friend named Sal but that all changes one day Miranda is feeling all muddled and confused but what she does know is that she lost her best friend and can t seem to piece together why This was not the best time to lose a friend because Miranda keeps on receiving these mystery notes The person writing the notes seems to know what is happening before it actually does But how can that be And why the urgency and why her The story s timeline at least for me was confusing at first It s told through flashbacks but the reader periodically comes back to the present where Miranda s mom has been selected to be on The 20000 Pyramid I loved how the parent figures were an important part to the story as a whole Miranda s mother and her boyfriend play vital roles in her life and though they might not know everything that is going on you can tell through the pages that they love her dearly Then there is the atmosphere of the school and Miranda s classmates I didn t grow up in 1978 or in New York but I felt the atmosphere and the tone of the relationships so well that I got caught up in Miranda s plight easily Throughout the story Miranda is reading her favorite book A Wrinkle in Time This book is a kind of homage to A Wrinkle in Time By the way if you haven t read that book yet you should it s excellent tooWhat makes the story so great is the little things Seeing Miranda help her mom prepare for the game show the description of Sal playing basketball every day Miranda talking about time travel with Marcus the boys who taunt people across the street the weird shapes on Miranda s bathroom floor Colin hiding the bread and I could go on and on It reflects real life right A lot of times the little things add up to be something big and meaningful I commend the author for not talking down to the reader I don t ever think authors do this on purpose but I can tell she respects the reader and knows that kids can surprise us with how much they can process and understand Most importantly even though I don t necessarily have Miranda s personality or history this book reminded me of how it felt like to be in sixth grade again

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R emergencies is stolen And then a mysterious note arrives'I am coming to save your friend's life and my ownI ask two favours First you must write me a letter'The notes keep coming and Miranda slowly rea. W H O ATo say those last couple of chapters caught me off guard is an understatement I m stunned and or because of I found myself getting really emotional towards the end Just so goodRead in one dayrating

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    a super short review karenstylesomeday i am going to venture down to the second floor where the kidsteen section is and i am going

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    I know now that if I want to be completely surprised I just have to read middle school books Ironically books for kids seem to have

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    One of the most impressive things to me about middle grade literature is how much power their books can punch with so little pages It

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    W H O ATo say those last couple of chapters caught me off guard is an understatement I’m stunned and or because of I found myself getting really emotional towards the end Just so goodRead in one dayrating ★★★★½

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    First I have to say that A Wrinkle in Time has been my favorite or among my very favorite books since I was nine years old and I’ve never been able to write a true or worthy review for it; I can’t even tryThere are dozens maybe hundreds of books I wish I’d written Occasionally I come across a book I should have written This is a book I definitely should have written It touched me to the core in that incredibly f

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    I’ve been struggling over how to begin this review I want to get it exactly right I want to convey to you precisely what it is that I mean to say If you’ve read any of my reviews before then you know that I like lots of stuff The

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    Beautiful just beautiful I loved this book so much The writing style was marvelous I loved the main character So many peop

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    Newbery Winner 2010 #2 on Barnes Noble's Top Ten Children's Books of 2009Maine Student Book Award Nominee 2010 2011I feel like I'm missing something because every other review seems to be five stars I liked the book How could I not when it references A Wrinkle in Time so often I personally found the mystery to

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    I almost did not read this book I knew it was targeted for a younger audience but I didn’t realize just how young I kept vainly se

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    This book was so goodThis is a book that kept coming up over the years in different book podcasts that I listened to I finally got to it as I was looking for a shorter audiobook to finish before I leave for vacat