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The man won the hand but the women changed the rulesBound and Tied Book 2Cowgirl KC Matheson is fresh out of ideas Thanks to her father s unlucky poker hand her family is about to lose their ranch Desperate to entice the winner to let her family keep their home KC appeals to a sensual stranger Rosalyn to help awaken her inner vixen A vixen with the womanly skills to make a deal with the devilSent to fetch a companion for his partner s pregnan. This started out really well Good writing likeable characters sexy setup A cowboy wins a ranch in a card game The rancher s daughter KC decides to offer him her body instead She takes some seduction lessons from a fancy lady RosalynRosalyn instigates the first menage scene and directs the action but KC is reluctant She hates the cowboy who stole her father s ranch and curses him while he s pleasuring her The characters move around into different sexual configurations for no reason I didn t know who was doing who or what It s about as sexy as a game of musical chairs I felt like there was no emotional or sexual connection between the characters 15 stars

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Duty Bound

M experiencing wondrous delights in the cool mountain air Then reality sets in leaving Jake saddled with a mail order bride a deflowered virgin and an unexpected desire to make things right with KC foreverWarning This title contains hot menage a trois scenes girl on girl action bondage and two determined women double the heat for one sexy miner To settle a debt right proper only takes some female know how a willing student and a length of rop. Well at first I thought this might be good but it just turned down a different path A case of a meddling friend ordering a mail order bride under the guise of a companion for a pregnant woman turns into something entirely different when Jake wins a ranch in a poker game KC decides she will offer herself to space her family losing their ranch Being tomboy she had no clue about relationships and I d completely naive about anything about sex So she is pretty much a palpable piece of clay waiting to be molded by the very knowledgeable Rosalyn This doesn t help KC because she finds herself attracted to Rosalyn against her better judgment She was supposed to be Jake s consolation for giving back the ranch but she never did it willingly She wanted Jake but only if Rosalyn was part of the deal The ending came uickly and abruptly with nothing to show why she made an abrupt 180 from what she had previously wanted I mean she had to be basically warmed up by both of them to even consider his offer I didn t buy it for a minute

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T wife miner Jake Thompson never thought luck could change this fast First his royal flush lands him a ranch Then a punch in the face Now the rancher s daughter a woman with a body made for sin is trying to seduce him into giving up his winnings Jake has a better idea her for the ranch And to ensure she makes good on the bargain there s a catch she has to keep his interest or the deal is offThe three set off on the two day trek to Jake s clai. Duty Bound is the second book in Myla Jackson s Bound and Tied series It is a historical set in the mining town of Idaho Falls in 1860 Thanks to a lucky poker hand miner Jake Thompson is now the proud new owner of a Texas ranch What he s going to do with a ranch he has no idea he s a miner half owner of a claim with his partner Zach When a young boy punches Jake out because of the win he tries to come up with a plan on what to do with the unwanted property When the owner s lovely daughter KC Matheson offers herself to Jake in exchange for the family ranch and the money Jake won he has to make a decision KC has never been a girly girl she s the oldest of seven girls and a ranch hand of some expertise Zach Braun and his pregnant wife Honor have sent for a companion for Honor to help during her pregnancy and KC turns to this woman Rosalyn for lesson in how to be a woman Rosalyn is everything KC isn t soft feminine and sensuous and has the experience to help KC convince Jake to accept her offer Rosalyn is running from something but she agrees to help and the lessons uickly become so much as Rosalyn plays the seducer under the guise of lessons Once they are on the trail headed for the mine things heat up between all three and before long KC becomes a woman in the true sense of the word When Jake realizes what he has done he is ashamed and pulls away from KC causing her much heartache Can Jake convince KC to stay after what he did Will Rosalyn stay at the mine to help when Honor has the baby What will happen when all the secrets are finally revealed I want to be honest and say I don t usually read historicals but this may change if I can get them with the uality and romance Ms Jackson has put in this one I liked the diversity in the three main characters and how they each filled a need in the others KC Matheson is a sassy independent female She has been working on her father s ranch her whole life and hasn t got a single feminine wile in her body in the beginning I enjoyed watching her decide she would do whatever it took to save her family s ranch even give herself to a stranger Her awakening at the hands and mouth of the sensuous and beautiful Rosalyn is intriguing and very hot I enjoyed watching as she blossomed into a young woman on the edge of awakening her passion Rosalyn is beautiful sensuous and experience and very feminine everything that KC is not I loved watching her seduce KC and teach her what pleasure was and gaining her own pleasure along with it She was honest about her needs an unusual attitude in that time period But Rosalyn is running from what or who we never really learn I loved when she realized that Jake and KC were perfect together and what she did to make it happen was delicious Jake is a strong rough and honorable man He had plans to return the ranch even before KC hatched her plan but realized he would need to work with KC to help both her father and KC herself save their pride He is almost destroyed when he realizes that the woman he made love to with such passion was a virgin and his guilt drives a wedge between them until he comes up with a way to make it right The passion between the three main characters is hot beyond belief The scenes when Rosalyn is instructing KC in the finer points of seduction are hot beyond belief It is never crude or ugly and I loved the way Rosalyn was always empowering KC to become stronger and yet feminine My favorite scene is also the one that causes the rift between Jake and KC the seduction on the trail when Jake deflowers KC not realizing she is still an innocent in spite of her words to the contrary There are a couple of humorous twists in this one and there is a wonderful happy ever after for Jake and KC I hope that somewhere down the road Ms Jackson will give Rosalyn her own story so she can find her heart s desire I think those who like western romance with heat will love this one

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    This started out really well Good writing likeable characters sexy setup A cowboy wins a ranch in a card game The rancher's daughter

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    Duty Bound is the second book in Myla Jackson’s Bound and Tied series It is a historical set in the mining town of Idaho Falls in 1860 Thanks to a lucky poker hand miner Jake Thompson is now the proud new owner of a Texas ranch Wha

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    Well at first I thought this might be good but it just turned down a different path A case of a meddling friend

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    i would recommend this book to other readers it's a hot short read I would have rated it higher however I really disliked the character of Rosalyn She added nothing to the story and as I was reading I just wanted to scream at her to go away while i enjoyed the first book in the series Honor Bound i definitely wont be reading Rosalyn's story

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    Rating 25★ for story but 4★ for heat 325★

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    It's been over two months since I read itI still have issues with the series But I don't remember hating this oneNot sure if I will continue pro

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