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The flavors of Southeast Asia are the star in this collection of recipes from Leah Cohen the Top Chef alum and restaurateur Growing up half Filipino Leah Cohen never thought food from her mother s side would become her life s work But after working in Michelin starred restaurants and then competing on Top Chef Cohen was still searching to define what made her food hers She found the answer in Vietnam Thailand Myanmar Singapore Indonesia and yes the Philippines as she rediscovered t.

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Lemongrass and Lime: Southeast Asian Cooking at Home

He deliciously sweet pungent and spicy flavors of her youth and set out to take them back with her to New YorkNow Cohen brings the exciting flavors of Southeast Asia to the masses in her beloved New York City restaurants And in this cookbook she shows readers how to use pantry staples like fish sauce the salt of Southeast Asia coconut milk and shrimp paste to delicious effect and gives home cooks the confidence to embrace what she calls the controlled chaos of Asian cooking in thei.

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R own kitchens As Cohen explains Southeast Asian cooking varies by country but what unites the cuisine is the balance of flavor that creates deep umami in every dish From addictive street food snacks like Lumpia Filipino spring rolls to Burmese Eggplant Salad Grilled Cod in Banana Leaf with Yellow Curry Crisp Banana Fritters and even fiery cocktails this cookbook presents authentic dishes with a modern twist Withthan recipes it will inspire home cooks to let their taste buds travel.